Essential Metallics Seed Bead Collection

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We have hand picked these sets to create a collection of size 11 seed beads that we consider essential for beautiful stitching, whether it's bead embroidery or weaving.  The question we asked when making our selections was "What beads would I love to have on hand to be able to add a little metallic accent to just about every project?"  I think we definitely answered our question.

Each kit has 6 tubes of seed beads, one in each color listed, for a total of about 140 grams.  Prices vary for each kit due to differences in the finish.  Many of these are Miyuki Duracoat beads.  

The Brandywine River (Pinks, purples, mauves) color way includes Miyuki 461, Toho YPS0014, Miyuki 460, Miyuki 4220, Miyuki 2005, Miyuki 4218.

Fires of Mt. Doom (dark rose and coppery colors) color way has Miyuki 4212F, Miyuki 4213, Miyuki 4212, Miyuki 4206, Miyuki 4209, Miyuki 4208.  

Mithril (grays and silvers) color way has Miyuki 4201F, Miyuki 464, Miyuki 4221, Miyuki 190, Miyuki 4221F, Miyuki 4201.

My Precious (golds and bronzes) color way has Miyuki 4202, Miyuki 457, Miyuki 4204F, Miyuki 2006, Miyuki 4204, Miyuki 4203.

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